Taking Care of Mangroves Professionally

Taking Care of Mangroves Professionally

Hire a registered mangrove trimmer in New Port Richey or Tarpon Springs, FL

Mangroves grow densely along the Florida coastline and protect shorelines from damaging storms, hurricane winds and flooding. Because mangroves are so important to preserving landscapes, mangrove trimming is regulated by the state of Florida.

Buzz Landscapes in New Port Richey, FL is registered and trained in mangrove trimming and follows the strict regulations set by the state to maintain your coastline. We'll come thin out and trim your mangroves so you have a better view of the ocean without harming the tree.

Hire a professional mangrove trimmer in New Port Richey or Tarpon Springs, FL by calling 727-277-2772.

Don't trim your mangroves yourself

Mangroves serve as a key component in Florida's ecosystems and act as a habitat for many fish and wildlife. Proper mangrove trimming is critical in sustaining these ecosystems.

Our mangrove trimmer knows the ins and outs of mangrove care, like proper trimming techniques and what time of year is best for mangrove trimming. We'll work to beautify and protect your landscape, one tree at a time.

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