Specialty Trims

Get Your Landscape in Shape

Get Your Landscape in Shape

With custom tree & bush trimming and shaping in New Port Richey & Tarpon Springs, FL

Is your landscape overgrown or crowded? Reveal your lawn's true beauty with custom tree trimming and shaping from Buzz Landscapes in New Port Richey and Tarpon Springs, FL. We offer specialty bush trimming services and will come to your property 2-3 times a year to prune and reshape your overgrown hedges.

Don't let your hedges hog your home's curb appeal. Call 727-277-2772 to learn more about our custom tree trimming services today.

Tame your unruly trees

Not all tree trimming is the same. Different plants require different pruning techniques in order to grow and thrive year after year. Buzz Landscapes has years of experience working with different trees and hedges and can provide the specialty bush trimming services you need. We can shape your plants into unique designs that make your lawn and your home stand out.

Contact us in New Port Richey or Tarpon Springs, FL today to schedule our custom tree trimming services.